There is a large variety of games with marbles and the expressions

used are universal. Boys usually have one shooter made from agate

which they call a "real." To change the position of the shooter is

called "roundings," and to object to this or to any other play is

expressed by the word "fen." The common game of marbles is to make a

rectangular ring and to shoot from a line and endeavour to knock the

marbles or "mibs" of one's opponents out of the square. A similar game

is to place all the mibs in a line in an oval and to roll the shooter

from a distance. The one coming nearest to the oval has "first shot"

and continues to shoot as long as he drives out a marble and "sticks"

in the oval himself. Reals are often supposed to have superior

sticking qualities. Playing marbles "for keeps" is really gambling and

should be discouraged. The knuckle dabster is a small piece of cloth

or leather that boys use to rest the hand on when in the act of

shooting. The best kind of a "dabster" is made from a mole's skin.

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