An assistant is necessary for this game. One gives a little talk about

sign-language and says that he can read any sign made with a stick on

the floor, and will leave the room while the others decide upon some

word for him to guess.

Beforehand, it has been agreed upon between the leader and his

assistant that one tap of the stick on the floor will represent "a";

two taps, "e"; three taps, "i"; four taps, "o"; five taps, "u." Thus

all the vowels are indicated by taps, and the consonants, by having

the first word of the sentence which the leader gives begin with the

chosen letter. The letters of the chosen word must be given in order.

The leader, who remains inside, knows the chosen word, and when the

assistant is called in, he makes many signs with the stick, tapping in

the proper places.

Suppose the word chosen is "Games." When the assistant is called in,

the leader begins by making many scrolls, etc., on the floor, then

says: "Great fun, isn't it?" (initial letter "g"), then one tap, "a";

"Many don't know what I'm writing." (initial letter "m"); 2 taps, "e";

"Sometimes it is hard to read." (initial letter "s"). Then a few more

marks, so as not to end too abruptly, and the assistant says "Games,"

to the astonishment of the company.

This is continued until some have guessed, or until the trick has been


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