One player is sent from the room and the rest decide upon something he

must do when called in.

When this has been done he is summoned by magic music which is made by

having one of the players strike on something which will make a

noise. If there is a piano, so much the better, if not, a piece of

metal or a bell will do.

As he nears the object which he is to find the music grows very loud,

and faint when he is far away.

Suppose he is to take a flower from a vase, and give it to one of the

players. As he nears the flowers, the music grows louder and louder,

and if he touches one, it stops; then he knows he has to do something

with it. If he smells it, the music grows faint, and he knows he is

wrong. As he starts to give it to the players, the music varies until

he has given it to the right one.

Someone else then leaves the room, and the game goes on as before.

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