A cozy corner or a convenient part of the room may be converted into

an impromptu dispensary with the addition of the Love potions and

receptacles containing them, presided over by Dr. Dopem and his

assistants. There are a number of pill boxes containing different

colored pills, which are nothing but little round candies. The

powders, composed of powdered sugar or brown sugar are folded in the

regulation way, only in paper of various colors. Plasters, court

plaster cut in small pieces of different design. The directions for

taking the powders, etc., may be read or told to each patient, as they

are prescribed for, or a copied prescription could be given with each

remedy. Tell the guests that you understand they are all more or less

inoculated with the Love germ in some form and this condition, if

neglected, may prove serious--so for their benefit, Dr. Dopem will

prescribe for each, according to his need, a remedy which is

guaranteed to have the desired effect.

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