On a sheet mark a regular tit-tat-to diagram in black point. Stretch

the sheet so it will be smooth on the floor. Divide the company into

sides, a captain being appointed for each side. Call one side the

crosses and the other side the zeros.

When a signal is given, the captain of one side takes his position in

any one of the squares of the diagram. The captain of the other side

follows, taking his position, then a player of the first side takes

his position endeavoring to be in a row with the first move, so the

next player on his side will form the third cross or zero, as the case

may be, in the row, either straight or diagonally, and win the game

for that side.

The winning side then changes to zeros if they were crosses or vice

versa. Let each player have a turn, as there are only nine squares,

and as the game may be won before they are all filled, some may not

have a chance to play. It is best, when playing a new game, to let

those who did not play before have first play.

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