This game is played on a field a little smaller than a football field,

being 110 yards long and from 50 to 60 yards wide. The ball used is an

ordinary cricket ball. The goals are two upright posts 12 feet apart

and with a crossbar 7 feet from the ground. Eleven men on a side

constitute a full team, but the game may be played with a fewer

number. The positions are known as three forwards, five rushes, two

backs or guards, and the goal tender.

The object of the game is very simple, being to drive the ball between

your opponents' goals. The ordinary ice hockey stick will be

satisfactory to play with. The principal thing to remember in lawn

hockey is not to commit a "foul," the penalty for which is a "free

hit" at the ball by your opponents. It is a foul to raise the stick

above the shoulders in making a stroke, to kick the ball (except for

the goal tender), to play with the back of the stick, to hit the ball

other than from right to left, and any form of rough play such as

tripping, pushing, kicking, or striking.

Lawn hockey is an excellent game and is really the old game of

"shinney" or "shinty" played scientifically and with definite rules.

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