This is a very old game and of great historic importance. The famous

Bowling Green in New York City was named from a small park where the

game was played by New Yorkers before the Revolution. The game is

played with wooden balls five inches in diameter and painted in

various gay colours. Usually lignum vitae is the material used. They

are not perfectly round but either slightly flattened at the poles

into an "oblate spheroid" or made into an oval something like a modern

football. Each player uses two balls, which are numbered. A white

ball, called a "jack ball," is then thrown or placed at the end of the

bowling green or lawn and the players in turn deliver their balls or

"bowl" toward the jack. The whole game consists in placing your ball

as near to the jack as possible and of knocking away the balls of your

opponents. It is also possible to strike the jack and to drive it

nearer to where the balls of your side are lying. When all the players

have bowled, the two balls nearest the jack each count a point for the

side owning it. The game if played by sides is somewhat different from

a two-handed contest. The main point first is to deliver the ball as

near to the jack as possible and then to form a barrier or "guard"

behind it with succeeding balls to block those of your adversaries.

Sometimes the Jack is placed in the middle of the green and the teams

face each other and bowl from opposite ends. A green is about seventy

feet square with closely cropped grass. Four players form a "rink" and

are named "leader," "second," "third," and "skip" or captain. The

position from which the balls are delivered is called the "footer." It

is usually a piece of cloth or canvas three feet square.

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