This game is similar in every respect to indoor bowling except that no

regular alley is used. A net for a backstop is necessary. The pins

are set upon a flat surface on a lawn and the players endeavour to

knock down as many pins as possible in three attempts. The scoring is

the same as in indoor bowling. To knock down all ten pins with one

ball is called a "strike," in two attempts it is a "spare." In the

score, the strike counts ten for the player and in addition also

whatever he gets on the next two balls. Likewise he will count ten for

a spare, but only what he gets on one ball for a bonus. As a

consequence the maximum or perfect score in bowling is 300, which is a

series of ten strikes and two more attempts in which he knocks down

all the pins. In lawn bowling the scores are very low as compared with

the indoor game, where good players will often average close to 200 on

alleys where they are accustomed to bowl. Lawn bowling is a different

game from lawn bowls, which is described in a preceding paragraph.

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