Last Man

This is a good active game thoroughly enjoyed by the children. The

teacher selects one pupil to be "It," and another to be chased. The one

chased can stand at the rear of any aisle and say, "Last man."

Thereupon the front pupil in that aisle is subject to being tagged by

"It" and leaves his seat. All the other pupils in that aisle advance

one seat and the first man chased sits down in the last seat in the

aisle. "It" tries to tag the man who left the front seat before he can

go to the rear of any of the aisles. Should he succeed in doing so, he

can immediately be tagged back if he does not hurry to the rear of some

aisle and say "Last man."

(Caution: Should any child appear fatigued when "It," substitute

another child in his place).

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