One player is chosen to be "it" and the rest are given a count of

twenty-five or fifty to hide. A stick is leaned against a tree or wall

and this is the home goal. As soon as the goal keeper can spy one of

the players he runs in and touches the stick and makes a prisoner, who

must come in and stand behind the stick. If one of the free players

can run in and kick the stick before the goal tender touches it, he

frees all the rest and they scurry to a place of hiding before the

stick can again be set up and the count of twenty-five made. As the

object of the game is to free your fellow-prisoners, the free players

will attempt all sorts of ruses to approach the stick without being

seen or to make a dash for it in hope of kicking it ahead of the goal

keeper. The game is over when all the players are captured, and the

first prisoner is "it" for the next game.

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