Jumbled Words

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team. Each pupil in the aisle is

given a number. The one in each front seat is Number 1, the one behind

him Number 2, and so on back. The teacher has prepared a different

sentence for each aisle with just as many words in it as there are

pupils in the aisle. One of these slips is handed to Number 1 of each

team. Number 1 takes the first word of the sentence as his word, Number

2 the second, Number 3 the third, and so on. When the last one in the

aisle has learned the last word in the sentence, the slips are returned

to the teacher. Competition can be added to this phase of the game by

seeing which aisle can return the slip to the teacher first.

When the slips have all been turned in, the teacher calls any number.

Thereupon the pupils in each aisle having that number, go to the

blackboard and write distinctly their word from the sentence. For

example, the teacher calls Number 3. Number 3 of aisle 1 had the word

"money"; Number 3 of aisle 2 "can," etc.

Next the teacher calls Number 5. All the Number 5's go to the

blackboard and write their words directly after those written by their

previous team mate. When all the numbers have been called there is a

jumbled sentence on the board for each aisle. The pupils of the various

aisles then try to guess what the sentences of the other aisles are.

Each one guessed, counts 5 points.

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