Aside from the enjoyment of firecrackers, etc., there are a few games

to amuse the children on this day. If a party has been planned for the

Fourth, the rooms should be appropriately decorated for the occasion.

As soon as all the children arrive choose two leaders, who in turn

select sides. A line is marked on the floor and the sides stand on

each side of this boundary line. A few feet from the line on each side

is placed an American flag. Any flag can be made to stand up by

placing the end of the stick securely in the hole of an empty

spool. Each leader guards his own flag.

The children endeavor to secure their opponents' flag. If a leader

tags anyone who crosses the boundary and comes too near the flag, that

child is out of the game. However, if one does succeed in capturing

the other's flag, and carries it over the boundary into his side, that

side is victorious.

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