Divide the company into two sides. One division sits around the table

on one side, the other on the opposite side. The members of division

"A" put their hands under the table and a small coin, dime or quarter,

is passed from one to the other.

When division "B" thinks they have had enough time, the players call

out, "Jenkins up!" and the players of "A" hold up their closed hands,

and when "Jenkins down!" is called, they must place their hands, palm

down, on the table. The players of "B" must guess under which palm the

coin is. Each player has one guess, those on the opposite side raising

their hands when requested to do so.

If "B" guesses correctly, the coin is passed over to them and "A" must

guess who has it, but if not, "A" keeps the coin, and "B" has another

trial for guessing.

Tally may be kept, 1 being counted for every correct guess, and a

certain number, as 50, may be the limit. The side gaining 50 points

first is victorious.

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