This game is especially adapted for a lawn party for girls. Either

Japanese fans or the ordinary palm-leaf fans will do for rackets. The

balls are made of paper and should be six or eight inches in diameter

and in various colours. At opposite ends of a space about the size of

a tennis court are erected goal-posts similar to those used in

football, but only six feet above ground. These may be made of light

strips of wood. There is also a similar pair of posts and a crossbar

midway between the goals.

The game is played by two contestants at a time. Each takes an

opposite end of the court and tosses the ball into the air. Then by

vigorous fanning she endeavours to keep it aloft and to drive it over

the opponent's goal-post. At the middle posts the ball must be

"fanned" under the crossbar. If the ball falls to the ground it may be

picked up on the fan and tossed aloft again, but it must not be

touched by the hands. The winner is the one who first drives the ball

the length of the court and over the crossbar.

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