Around Christmas and New Year's the children will enjoy playing

this. All form a circle; one, Jack Frost, stands in the middle.

Jack Frost runs around inside the circle and touches one child on her

right hand, and goes back to his place again. The child touched says:

"Jack Frost came this way," the child to her left says: "What did he

do?" No. 1 says: "He nipped my right hand," (shaking her right

hand). No. 2 tells No. 3 about Jack Frost, each doing as No. 1 did,

and thus it goes down the circle, until back to No. 1 again.

Jack Frost then steps out and bites her left hand, and now both hands

are shaking; thus each time Jack Frost nips some part, that is shaking

with the rest, until the children are hopping up and down, and shaking

all over.

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