One of the players who does not know the game is sent out of the

room. While he is gone, the others are supposed to be thinking of some

person whom he is to guess when he comes in, but it is arranged that

each one describes his right hand neighbor when asked any

questions. It is more amusing if the circle is composed of boys and

girls alternating.

The player is called in, having been told beforehand that he is to

guess what person the company thought of and that that person is "It."

He begins by asking "Is it in this room?" "Yes." "Is it a boy?"

"Yes." "Is his hair long or short?" "Very long," and so on, until the

information he has obtained may be the following: "A boy, very long

hair, pink waist, blue eyes, has a beard, very stout, about 6 feet

tall, about 8 years old." The player, astonished at such information,

may keep up guessing, until, by closely questioning each one, he

guesses correctly. If he cannot guess, it is explained to him who "It"


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