One child begins by saying: "I have a basket." The one to his left

says: "What is in it?" The first one replies with the name of some

article beginning with "a," as "apples."

No. 2 says: "I have a basket," and the next one to him says: "What is

in it?" No. 2 replies: "Apples and bananas," (or some other word

beginning with "b").

No. 3 says: "I have a basket." No. 4 asks the same question as before

and No. 3 responds with "Apples, bananas, and cats," and so on, each

in turn repeating what the others have said, and adding another

article, which commences with the next letter of the alphabet.

Whoever forgets what the other articles were must pay a forfeit. Thus

it continues until the last one has named all the articles in order,

and ended with "z".

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