The hostess must prepare beforehand pictures, cut from magazine

advertisements and miscellaneous articles, suggestive of the titles of


These are arranged around the room, some on tables, some on the wall,

and in any place, so all the guests can see them. All the articles are


The guests are handed pencil and paper and the hostess announces that

all the articles represent the title of some book and when guessed the

names are to be written opposite their corresponding numbers. Allow

half an hour for the hunt, and when the time is up the hostess reads

the correct list and the player who has guessed the largest number

correctly, deserves a prize.

Examples--A large bow of orange ribbon pinned on a curtain,

immediately suggests "A Bow of Orange Ribbon," by Amelia Barr.

A picture of several boys suggests "Little Men," by Louisa M. Alcott.

A picture of Gen. Grant cut in half suggests "Half a Hero."

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