Hot Boiled Beans And Bacon

This is a game for young children. Some small article is hidden in the

room, while the little one who has to find it is sent outside. This

finished, the players call out together: "Hot Boiled Beans and Bacon;

it's hidden and can be taken!" The little one enters and begins to hunt

about for the hidden article. When she comes near to its hiding-place,

the company tell her that she is getting "hot"; or if she is not near it

she is told that she is "cold." That she is "very hot" or "very cold,"

will denote that she is very near or very far away from the object that

is hidden, whilst if she is extremely near, she would be told that she

was "burning." In this way the hidden object can be found, and all the

children can be interested in the game by being allowed to call out

whether the little one is "hot" or "cold."

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