Hop scotch is a game that is played by children all over the world. A

court about 20 feet long and 4 or 5 feet wide is drawn with chalk,

coal, or a piece of soft brick on the sidewalk or scratched with a

pointed stick on a piece of level ground. A line called the "taw line"

is drawn a short distance from the court. The court is divided into

various rectangles, usually eleven divisions, although this varies in

different sections. At the end of the court a half circle is drawn,

variously called the "cat's cradle," "pot," or "plum pudding." The

players decide who is to be first, second, etc., and a flat stone or

piece of broken crockery or sometimes a folded piece of tin is placed

in division No. 1. The stone is called "potsherd." The object of the

game is to hop on one foot and to shoot the potsherd in and out of the

court through the various divisions until they are all played. He

then hops and straddles through the court. Whenever he fails to do the

required thing the next player takes his turn.

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