Hold Fast! Let Go!

For this game the company must divide themselves into parties with four

in each group, and one odd player who must issue commands and lead the

game. Each party of four must hold a handkerchief cornerwise, one player

at each corner. The leader of the game then takes up his position in the

middle of the room from which he issues his commands in sharp, quick,

decisive tones, when he shouts "Let go!" the players must all hold

tightly on to the handkerchief. And when, almost with the same breath,

he calls "Hold fast!" they must drop it as if it burnt the tips of their

fingers. The fun of the game lies in the leader issuing his commands so

rapidly one on top of the other that the players become bewildered. The

players who make a mistake retire from the game, until finally only one

of the four is left and he becomes leader.

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