Hockey is usually played on the ice by players on skates, although,

like the old game of shinney, it may be played on any level piece of

ground. The hockey stick is a curved piece of Canadian rock elm with a

flat blade. Instead of a ball the modern game of ice hockey is played

with a rubber disk called a "puck." In hockey, as in many other games,

the whole object is to drive the puck into your opponents' goal and to

prevent them from driving it into yours. Almost any number of boys can

play hockey, but a modern team consists of five players. Hockey skates

are of special construction with long flat blades attached to the

shoes. The standard length of blade is from 14-1/2 to 15-1/2 inches.

They cost from three to six dollars. The hockey player's uniform is a

jersey, either padded trousers or tights, depending upon his position,

and padded shin guards for the goal tenders.

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