Hissing And Clapping

As many chairs as there are players must be arranged down the middle of

the room. The girls then all sit down so that each has a vacant chair

next her, and the boys retire from the room. During their absence the

girls all decide which particular boy is to occupy the vacant chair next

her, and the boys are summoned in turn. On entering the room the boy

must walk straight to the chair next the girl whom he imagines to have

chosen him, and sit down. If he has guessed correctly he is loudly

clapped by all the girls present, and another boy is called in. But if

he makes a mistake, and sits down on the wrong chair, he is hissed so

vehemently that he is only too glad to escape from the room. Another

player is called in, and the process is repeated, until finally all the

boys have guessed correctly, and all the vacant chairs are occupied.

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