Hide And Seek

One child is chosen "It." This one stands by a post or in a corner which

is called "base," and hides his eyes. The children decide among

themselves how many he shall count while they are hiding. Suppose they

choose 100, then he counts 5, 10, 15, 20, etc., until he reaches 100,

and then he calls out:

"Ready or not,

You shall be caught."

The children having hidden while he was counting remain perfectly still

while he is hunting them. If he passes by some child without finding

him, that one may run to the "base" and say "One, two, three, I'm in

free!" As many children as can, try to get in "free," but if the one who

is "it" sees a child, runs to the base and touches it first, calling:

"One, two, three," and the child's name he has to be "it." If the child

reaches the "base" first he is "free" and the game proceeds until

someone is "caught." If all the children get "free" the one who is "it"

again hides his eyes.

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