Here I Bake Here I Brew

The players join hands in a circle, with one of their number in the

middle, who is supposed to be a captive, longing for freedom and reduced

to diplomatic means to secure it.

The prisoner touches one pair of joined hands in the circle saying,

"Here I Bake." Then, passing to the other side, says, "Here I Brew," as

she touches another pair of hands. Suddenly, then, in a place least

suspected, perhaps whirling around and springing at two of the clasped

hands behind her, or at the pair which she had touched before, if their

owners appear to be off guard, she exclaims "Here I mean to break

through!" and forces her way out of the circle if she can.

The players must be on the alert and strongly resist the captive's

effort to escape.

Those who permitted her to regain her freedom--through inattention or

weakness--must then make use of the "counts" familiar to all generations

of children, to decide which of them shall take the place of the


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