Two children may derive a great deal of amusement from this simple

pastime. At the top of a piece of paper write all the letters of the

alphabet. Underneath, the child who has thought of a word or short

sentence puts a dash down for every letter contained in the word

thought of.

Suppose the words thought of were "Gamebook," it would be written

thus: --------

The other player asks if the word contains "a," and the other puts it

in its proper place, crossing the letter off of the alphabet above.

The other guesses different letters at random, every right one being

put in its place, while for every wrong one a line is drawn to help

construct a gallows for the "hang-man." If there are many wrong

guesses, the "hang-man" may be completed and then the word is told the

other player. The players take turns in giving out and guessing the


The gallows is made thus for every wrong guess:

[Illustration: The gallows and hang-man is drawn progressively, one

line at a time.]

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