There are several ways of telling ghastly stories on Hallowe'en. Have

a large ball of different colored yarn handy and before the midnight

hour, turn out the lights, and ask all the players to sit in a

circle. The hostess, holding the ball of yarn, begins by telling some

weird story, unwinding the yarn as she proceeds, until she comes to a

different color, and then she tosses the ball to someone in the

circle, and that one must proceed with the story until she comes to a

different color. It is then tossed to another, and so on, until the

ball is unwound and the story ended.

Another way, more ghastly still, is to give each guest a saucer in

which is a handful of salt and some alcohol. Each one in turn lights

the contents of the saucer and tells some ghost story, continuing

until all the alcohol is burned, and no longer. The stories may be

lively or sad.

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