A Hallowe'en party is probably the only gathering where the stiffness

and formality entirely disappear. Every one is in for a good time, and

should be dressed in old clothes ready to try all sorts of


Decorate the room appropriately with pumpkin jack-o'-lanterns, greens,

weird lights, and strings of peppers, if possible. Mirrors should be

in profusion. Effective lights may be made from cucumbers by scraping

out the inside and cutting holes in the rind for eyes and nose, and

placing a candle in each.

Persons dressed as ghosts may receive the guests and usher them into

the room where the fun is to be. As soon as a person enters, the

hostess, who is not a ghost, blindfolds the victim, and those already

in the room take turns shaking hands with him. He has to guess who

each person is. It is marvellous how many mistakes will be made, even

if the guests are the best of friends.

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