Going to Jerusalem

The chairs are arranged in a circle in the center of the room, with the

seats away from the center. There should be one less chair than there

are participants in the game. The participants form a line around the

outside of the chairs and march forward around the chairs, while the

piano, phonograph, or some other musical instrument is being played.

The instant the music stops each player tries to sit in a chair. The

one failing to get a chair drops out of the game. A chair is taken from

the circle and the group starts marching again with the music. When the

music stops they seek chairs as before, the one failing to secure one

dropping out. A chair is taken out of the circle after each scramble

and so the group diminishes until all are eliminated except one, who is

crowned King of Jerusalem. If the group be large more than one chair

can be eliminated at a time.

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