Going Errands

The children join hands and stand round to form a 'house' and 'garden'

(see diagram). A space is left for the gateway of the 'garden.' For

'door' of house see Frontispiece.







+--------+ +--------+]

In the 'house' stands one of the bigger girls to represent the 'mother,'

and there should also be a little chair, and a doll's cradle with a doll

in it.

In the 'garden' eight or ten children are engaged in playing a game.

('Drop, Drop, Drop,' No. 41, p. 74, would do nicely.) One of the girls

must represent 'Nellie,' and one of the boys 'Johnnie.' As the game

proceeds, the 'mother' comes to the door and calls:

'Nellie, Nellie!'

[Nellie at once answers:]

'Yes, mother.'

[Leaves game immediately and runs to mother.]


Baby cries, just soothe her, Nell.

Rock the cradle; that is well.

[Nellie sits down and rocks the cradle.]

The game proceeds for a little while, and then the 'mother' calls again:

'Johnnie!' [Children say], 'Mother calls you, see.'

[Johnnie runs quickly to the 'mother.']


Go round to the shop for me.

[Gives him money and a basket.]

Johnnie may go outside the room and come back again, or the game

'Shopping' (No. 6, p. 10) may be played, having been previously prepared

in another part of the room, and Johnnie may go to the shop for what his

mother requires. When he has returned, all the children say:

Little children, always run

When your mother's voice is heard,

Leave your play whene'er she calls

Quickly mind her every word.

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