Cut a number of small fishes about two inches long out of

cardboard. Each fish counts five, but two, which may be a little

larger, are numbered ten. A loop is made with thread on the back of

each fish.

Rods (sticks about a foot long with string, at the end of which is a

bent pin, fastened to each) are provided for the players.

The fishes are placed on the floor or table and, at the word "ready"

from the leader, all the players go a-fishing. Each tries his best to

hold his rod steady enough to slip the bent pin through the loop of

thread. As soon as a fish is caught all must stop until the signal to

begin again is given.

Everyone tries to catch the fishes marked ten, but sometimes it is

wiser to catch as many ordinary ones as a person can, thus making more

points. The player scoring most points is victor.

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