The group sits in a circle about the room. The leader starts the game

by giving a letter of the alphabet. The one at his left adds a letter

to the first with the view of making a word. The third adds another

letter and so the game continues.

Illustration--The leader gives the letter "a". The one at his left,

thinking of the word "adds" adds "d". The third one, thinking of the

word "advertisement", adds "v". The fourth, thinking of the word

"adversity" adds "e", and so the word continues to grow.

If one finishes the word or completes a word without realizing it, that

one is given the title of "Half-ghost". Anyone speaking to the

Half-ghost, becomes a Half-ghost. Should a half-ghost chance to finish

another word when it again becomes his turn to add a letter to the

spelling of a word, then the Half-ghost becomes a Full-ghost and is out

of the game. Any one speaking to a Full-ghost becomes a Full-ghost.

Full-ghosts and Half-ghosts naturally endeavor to get as many others

into their class as possible, so between thinking of letters to

complete the word in turn and avoiding becoming ghosts, the group is

kept in a very difficult frame of mind. The game continues until there

are no players who have failed to qualify as Half-ghosts or


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