Turn down the lights. All the players sit in a circle. The leader has

a button which she gives to some player, as in "Button, button, who

has the button?" The one who guesses who has the button takes the

leader's place while the leader becomes a ghost and remains outside

the circle. She can talk to the players in the circle, but no one

except the one in the middle can answer her. Anyone who does, becomes

a ghost with the leader.

Every effort is made on the part of the ghosts to induce the players

to answer. The button keeps going around the inside circle, the one

depositing the button becoming a ghost when a correct answer is given

and the other one taking his place.

The game continues until all are ghosts. If there was one who was not

enticed, that one wins the game.

GEOGRAPHY. GOING AFISHING. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail