Select two leaders from the company. Each leader chooses players for

his side. The sides stand opposite each other. One leader begins by

giving the name of some river, mountain, lake, city or town, state or

country, located in any part of the world, that begins with the letter

A, the other leader answers back with another geographical name

commencing with A. The two leaders continue with the letter A until

they can think of no more names, then, they commence with B, and so

on, until every letter of the alphabet has been used.

The players on the opposite sides simply help their leader with the

names, as soon as one thinks of a name it is passed up to the leader

to help him. No place can be named twice. The side that stands up the

longest wins.

Another way to play this game is as follows. Having chosen the sides

as before, one leader begins by naming any place, lake, river, etc.,

commencing with any letter; the leader on the other side then follows

with a name commencing with the last letter of the previous name; then

the player next to the leader on the opposite side follows with a name

commencing with the last letter of that name and so on, each player

has a turn as it goes from side to side. Suppose the leader names

Washington, the next New York, and so on. Thirty seconds is allowed to

think of a name, if he fails in that, he must drop out. Any one may be

challenged to locate the place which he has named. The side which has

kept up the longest, is the champion.

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