This game is played between two parallel straight lines, 3 feet 6

inches apart and marked on the lawn with two strips of tape. At the

opposite two ends of the tape are two goal posts 14 inches apart with

a crossbar. The length of the tapes should be 36 feet when two or

four players engage in the game, and may be extended for a greater

number. The game is played with balls and hockey sticks. The game is

started by placing the ball in the centre of the field. The two

captains then face each other and at a signal strike off. If the ball

is driven outside the tape boundaries it must be returned to the

centre of the field opposite the place where it crossed the line. The

object of the game is to score a goal through your opponents' goal

posts as in ice hockey. If a player steps over the tape into the

playing space he commits a foul. The penalty for a foul is a free hit

for his opponents.

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