Guests take part, seated in a circle. Three Fates are chosen, one of

whom whispers to each person in turn name of his (her) future

sweetheart. Second Fate follows, whispering to each where he (she)

will next meet his (her) sweetheart; as, "You will meet on a load of

hay," or, "at a picnic," or, "at church," or, "on the river," etc. The

third Fate reveals the future; as, "You will marry him (her) next

Christmas," or, "You will be separated many years by a quarrel, but

will finally marry," or, "Neither of you will ever marry," etc. Each

guest must remember what is said by the Fates; then each in turn

repeats aloud what has been told him (her). For example, "My future

sweetheart's name is Obednego; I shall meet him next Wednesday on the

Moonlight Excursion, and we shall be married in a week."

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