Freight Train Tag

The boys are divided into groups of three's. Each three line up, one

behind the other, with their arms locked around the waist of the man in

front. The first man in the group is the engine, and the last man the

caboose. One man is selected to be "It", another to be chased. In order

to avoid being tagged by "It", the man chased endeavors to hitch on the

rear of a freight train by locking his arms around the caboose.

Thereupon the engine, or the man at the front of the train, is subject

to being tagged by "It" until he can hitch on to some other train.

Those individuals making up a train endeavor to keep any one from

hitching on to their caboose. "It", having tagged another, is subject

to being tagged back immediately, provided he has not hitched on the

rear of some train.

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