Forcing the City Gates

This is an old Chinese game. Two captains are selected, who in turn

choose all the other players. The two teams are first formed in two

lines, facing each other and about ten feet apart, with the players

grasping hands. Each line represents a city gate. The captain should

arrange the players so that the weakest may be between two strong


The play begins when the captain of one of the teams sends forward one

of his men. This man can make three attempts to break through the

opponent's city gate. He can do this, either by breaking the grasp of

two of the players or by dodging underneath their arms or between their

legs. Should he succeed in doing this, he takes back to reinforce his

own line the two players who are responsible for his getting through.

Should he fail, he enlists his efforts with those of his opponents by

joining their line. The game is won when one team has succeeded in

taking over all of the opponents.

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