Flathead Race

See clock games above.

Similar to the preceding. A small block of wood or flat stone is given

to Number 6 on each team. At the signal to go he places the block on

the head of Number 5 and follows Number 5, who walks around the ring.

Number 5 must keep his hands upon his hips. Should the block of wood

fall from the head of Number 5, he must stand still until it has been

replaced by Number 6. The two continue walking around the circle until

they reach the point which they left. Then Number 6 takes his place in

the circle and Number 5 takes the block from his own head and places it

on the head of Number 4, and follows 4 around the ring to replace the

block should it fall off. The race ends when Number 1, followed by

Number 2, has completed the distance around the circle, still balancing

the block of wood on his head, and presents himself to the leader in

the centre.

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