Choose two leaders from among the players. Each leader chooses his

side. The sides sit opposite each other, the leader of one throws a

ball to any one in the opposite side. As he does he says either,

"Earth," "Air," "Water," or "Fire," and counts ten.

The person who caught the ball must answer before he finishes counting

ten. If "earth" was called he must name some quadruped found therein;

if "water," some fish must be named, or "air," the name of some bird;

but if "fire" was called he must remain perfectly still.

If the players give a wrong answer or speak when they should be silent

they are out, and the leader must throw the ball to some one else, but

if the players answer correctly, it is their turn to throw the ball to

someone in the opposite side, and the game goes on as before. The

side whose players stand up the longest, wins the game.

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