This is the universal game of marbles. It is sometimes called "Yank,"

or "Knuckle There." A ring is scratched in the ground a foot or two in

diameter. It is then divided into four parts by two lines drawn

through the diameter. The first step is for each player to "lay a

duck," which in simple language means to enter a marble to be played

for. This is his entrance fee and may be either a "dub," an "alley," a

"crystal," or sometimes a "real," although this is very rare as well

as extravagant. About ten feet from this ring a line is made called a

"taw line." The first player, usually determined as soon as school is

out by his having shouted, "First shot, fat!" stands behind the taw

line and shoots to knock out a marble. If he is successful he

continues shooting; if not he loses his turn and Number 2 shoots.

Number 1 after his first shot from the taw line must then shoot from

wherever his marble lies. If Number 2 can hit Number 1 he has a right

to claim all the marbles that Number 1 has knocked out of the ring. In

this way it is very much to the advantage of each player to leave

himself as far from the taw line as possible.

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