Make two balls, one red and one blue, out of paper thus--

[Illustration: A drawing of three identical circles of paper. No. 1

should have slits on the top, bottom, left, and right. No. 2 should

have slits on the left, right, and a vertical slit in the center.

No. 3 should have vertical and horizontal slits intersecting in the


Slip No. 1 in No. 2, and No. 3 fits over and bisects the other two.

Appoint two leaders who choose their teams; each team takes a ball and

a palm leaf fan.

GOALS--Three chairs, one at each end of the room and one in the

center, at equal distance from others.

Two play at a time, one player from each side. The player stands in

front of his goal and at the word "ready," fans his ball to the

opposite goal. It must go through the back of the chair in the middle

of the room, and through the opposite goal, in order to win. When all

have finished playing, the team which has the most successful players

in it, wins the game.

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