Egg Smash

Several players of the group are blindfolded and take a kneeling

position upon the floor. Each is given a fake egg and is told to knock

it upon the floor to summon the good spirit. They do this very

carefully the first time, thinking they have an egg. The eggs are taken

away and the group waits to see if a spirit appears. As it does not

appear, the eggs are again handed to the players. This time they are

not so careful in hitting the eggs down upon the floor, their first

experience telling them they are fake. Again the eggs are taken from

them and the spirit waited for. Failing to appear the second time, the

eggs are returned to the blindfolded individuals for the third time,

but this time instead of fake, they are the real article, much to the

surprise and grief of those who break them vigorously upon the floor.

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