Egg and Spoon Race

A basket of eggs, apples, potatoes or stones is placed in front of each

team and a spoon given to the first member of each team. Empty baskets

are placed on the distance line opposite the position of each team. At

the signal to go the first player on each team, keeping the left hand

behind the back, takes one egg from the basket by means of the spoon

and carries it on the spoon to the basket from the distance line.

Returning to the base line the spoon is handed to the second member of

the team who repeats the performance of the first. The game continues

until the last player on each team, after carrying the egg forward,

returns across the base line. The team first succeeding wins.

Should a player drop an egg, he must gather up as much of the egg as

possible and carry it to the far basket and there deposit it before

returning with the spoon to the next member of his team.

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