Color an even number of eggs, half the number one color, the other

half, another. Place all the eggs of one color on the floor in a line

at intervals of one foot. At the end of the line put a basket. Form a

similar line, a little distance from the other, of the remaining eggs.

For convenience, we will say one line is of green eggs, the other of


Choose two players as leaders, who select their sides. One side

chooses the green row, and the other, the pink. Two, one player from

each side, play at a time.

When all is ready the two leaders stand by their respective rows, each

is given a large spoon, and when told to "go," each one spoons up the

eggs, one at a time, and carries them to the basket at the end of the

line. The one who succeeds in spooning up all his eggs first wins for

his side.

Thus each player in turn works for his side until all have had a

chance and the side whose players were the most successful is the

winning side.

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