Each one places handful of wheat flour on sheet of white paper and

sprinkles it over with a pinch of salt. Some one makes it into dough,

being careful not to use spring water. Each rolls up a piece of dough,

spreads it out thin and flat, and marks initials on it with a new pin.

The cakes are placed before fire, and all take seats as far from it as

possible. This is done before eleven p.m., and between that time and

midnight each one must turn cake once. When clock strikes twelve

future wife or husband of one who is to be married first will enter

and lay hand on cake marked with name. Throughout whole proceeding not

a word is spoken. Hence the name "Dumb Cake." (If supper is served

before 11:30, "Dumb Cake" should be reserved for one of the After-

Supper Tests.)


Suspend apples by means of strings in doorway or from ceiling at

proper height to be caught between the teeth. First successful player

receives prize. These prizes should be Hallow-e'en souvenirs, such as

emery cushions of silk representing tomatoes, radishes, apples, pears,

pickles; or pen-wipers representing brooms, bats, cats, witches, etc.

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