This game is also called "Boulder Up." It is not customary to "count

out" to decide it. For this game usually some one suggests, "Let's

play Duck on a Rock," and then every one scurries around to find an

appropriate stone, or "duck." As fast as they are found the fact is

announced by the cry, "My one duck," "My two duck," etc. The last boy

to find a stone is "drake," or "it."

The drake is larger than the ducks and is placed on an elevated

position such as a boulder. Then from a specified distance ducks

attempt to hit the drake and to knock him from his position. If they

miss they are in danger of being tagged by the drake, as it is his

privilege to tag any player who is not in possession of his duck. If,

however, the drake is knocked from his perch, the ducks have the

privilege of rushing in and recovering their stones, but unless they

do so before the drake replaces his stone on the rock they may be

tagged. The first one tagged becomes "it" and the drake becomes a


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