The trick is to remove the vest of one of the players while he is still

wearing his coat. To accomplish the trick one must stand in front of

the subject, unbutton the vest, loosening the buckles on the strap

behind. Next he runs his left hand under the coat, raises the lower end

of the back of the vest, while with his right hand he grasps the end of

the vest around the neck of the person, who is instructed to hold his

arms high above his head. The back of the vest may then be pulled over

the head of the subject. One of the lower ends of the vest is then

pushed down the coat sleeve. The operator then runs his hand up the

coat sleeve and pulls the vest down the sleeve until the arm hole is

free from the subject's hand. The vest is then drawn back up the sleeve

and pulled through the sleeve and over the hand of the other arm. It

can then easily be removed either by pulling down or up the sleeve.

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