All sit in a circle for this game. The first one begins by whispering

some question to his left hand neighbor, such as "Do you like apples?"

The second player must remember the question asked him, and he answers

No. 1 by saying, "Yes, the nice, red, juicy kind." This answer belongs

to No. 1 and he must remember it. No. 2 asks No. 3 a question, being

careful to remember his answer, as it belongs to him. Suppose he asks,

"Are you fond of books?" and the answer is "Yes, I read every one that

comes out." Thus No. 2 has a question and answer that belong to him.

Every one in turn asks a question and gives an answer, remembering the

question he was asked and the answer his neighbor gave him, which

belong to him. When all have had a turn, No. 2 begins by saying aloud:

"I was asked: 'Do you like cats?' and the answer was 'Yes, the nice,

red juicy kind';" No. 2 says: "I was asked, 'Do you like apples?' and

the answer was, 'Yes, I read every one that comes out,'" and so on.

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