A game played with wooden balls and mallets, on a flat piece of

ground. The game consists in driving the ball around a circuitous

course through various wire rings called "wickets" and, after striking

a wooden peg or post, returning to the starting place. Any number may

play croquet either independently or on sides. Each player may

continue making shots as long as he either goes through a wicket, hits

the peg or post, or hits the ball of an opponent. In this latter case

he may place his ball against that of his opponent and, holding the

former with his foot, drive his opponent's ball as far as possible

from the croquet ground. He then also has another shot at his wicket.

A croquet set consists of mallets, balls, wickets, and stakes and may

be bought for two or three dollars. Experts use mallets with much

shorter handles than those in common sets. They are made of either

maple, dogwood, or persimmon. In place of wooden balls, championship

and expert games are often played with balls made of a patented

composition. All croquet implements are usually painted in bright

colours. The game of "roque" is very similar to croquet.

Croquet can be made more difficult by using narrow arches or wickets.

Hard rubber balls are more satisfactory than wood and also much more


As a rule the colours played in order are red, white, blue and black.

According to the rules any kind of a mallet may be used, depending

upon the individual preference of the player.

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